Outreach Churches


Living Word Malawi started out as one congregation almost a decade ago.

Today it has grown to the size of 17 congregations spread out across the northern parts of Malawi.

Where are we?

The Congregations (to date)


Titus Chaguma 

Mthubua Calvary Freedom Temple,Ngwata and Kapyanga churches

Kumbukani Mbewe

Dwangwa and Mdera churches

Silvester DeusI

Chatoloma church 

Samuel Manda

Mphomwa Life in Christ church 

Joseph Kasakula

Nkhamenya church



Joseph Kasakula

Kamphambe church



Charles Mphande

Chipata, Chandawe, and Chasolo churches 

Lingson January 


Yollam Bakolo




Titus Chaguma

Mjuhu church



Joyce Phiri

Mponela church



Titus Chaguma

Living Word Sadzi church

How you can help

Discipleship and new church planting:

Our aim is to love and serve the pastors in the area. We want to provide them with all the tools, wisdom and resources they need to get them off the ground. Discussion groups will be established to offer congregants a safe space to ask questions and grow. We want to teach them to give back to the community. We will also actively expand the missions territory by asking chiefs to let us into their villages to spread the Gospel.

You can help by donating resources for training and equipment for church planting.

Community upliftment Projects:

The love of Jesus affects the community and the world at large! With community upliftment projects in place, congregants will have the chance to participate in a variety of projects. This will include farming, woman’s ministry, site development and many other projects. Jobs and food security will also be secured through these projects.

You can help by donating farming resources or building equipment.

Bible distribution:

The aim of the church is to give every believer a bible. This is a very difficult task as Malawi is one of the poorest countries in Africa. The estimated cost for a bible is between R120 and R150 in a country where people survive off of R5 a day. Most people in Malawi have never had or seen one. Please consider supporting us with bible funding. There are many churches in Malawi that have no bibles.

You can help by donating bibles.

Outreach site development:

Several teams visit the outreach-site every year for short term outreaches. Days are long with little to no sleep. There is no electricity, running water or proper ablution. Our aim is to establish a safe environment that can serve as a base for the team.

You can help by donating building material or by financially aiding the project.

Want to donate?

If you have any questions or want to donate to this cause, you can reach us here:

Phone: 083 299 4539


Facebook: Lewende Woord Durbanville/Paarl